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Health Secrets Researcher 
>Founder Forgotten Health

Creator BioRecharge Humic/Fulvic Supplement 

>Creator BioBoost Pure Fulvic Supplement 

Creator Ultimate Liver & Gallbladder Flush Program

>Author of SUPERCHARGED: The Lost Secret Behind Limitless Energy

>Author of The 5G Plague: A Survival Manual

>Host, Burnout Summit

>Host, Underground Health Summit

>Topic Expert 2022 Re-Awaken MasterClass - 7 Natural Laws

>Topic Expert 2023 Re-Awaken MasterClass - 7 Natural Laws
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This little site is not fancy, on purpose. It's only function is to show you I'm a real, live human, what I stand for, and for new people to find me and subscribe to my newsletter list, if they like. My entire focus is on researching lost ways of generating more energy in your cells, for more energy & health in your life. 
Here's Why It's  Named "Forgotten health"
I believe that we must be personally responsible and accountable for our own health.

And when you really boil it down, your health = your body producing more energy. 

Literally. Your cells run on tiny whispers of electrical current. 

And as long as you support your body's own native healing intelligence with increased energy production, it can fix darn near anything. 

Sometimes the old "forgotten" ways of supporting your energetic health are the best ways. 

As cream rises to the top, so does the best health information over time. 

They are usually good 'ol "DIY" at home methods, tried and true over many decades or even centuries. 

Things that were once commonplace, but have been lost to time and the next flashy new health trend. 

I thrive on rediscovering hidden gems of health wisdom in old almanacs, dusty books and abandoned corners of the internet and sharing them with you in my newsletter. 

These lost secrets of past healing wisdom are brought to light once again, hence the name "Forgotten Health". 

Every Friday I send out the "Forgotten Friday" hidden health gems newsletter, which you can receive by entering your email and clicking the yellow button to the left! 
About Me
It’s simple:

Without health, there is no happiness.

There is no worse feeling in the world than waking up feeling depressed, exhausted and awful day after day with no end in sight.

After the traditional medical system failed to address my catastrophic burnout, I took the one thing I had left, my insatiable curiosity, and devoted all my time and financial resources to fixing this complex problem.

Not only did I get out of my “health hole”, I came back even better than before!

And even though this cost me my business and life savings at the time… it was worth every penny!

Thing is, I got confused by the bewildering array of natural health options out there.

I was convinced there had to be a unifying factor that tied things as diverse as acupuncture, exercise, healthy food and even vitamin C together.

Trying to find this unifying factor drove me crazy until I discovered information that not only has been forgotten by most, but it was also suppressed by some of the most powerful people in the world… over 100 years ago.

Based on the forgotten knowledge of this universal wellness principle (cellular energy production), I educate and create natural, practical and effective remedies that work.

I don’t care how old or new they are.

I don’t care if they have zero studies or a thousand.

I’m only interested in whether they move your “health needle” by increasing energy flow in your cells or not.

It’s simple physics.

All disease is an imbalance.

If an electrical energy deficiency arises in your cells it leads to imbalances in your body.

We call these imbalances Aging and Disease.

At a fundamental level your cells run on physics and not chemistry, as is commonly taught.

And by physics, I mean electrons - all your cells, and therefore you, run on tiny electrical currents that are critical to their function.

Every action you take either increases the electrical health of your cell or diminishes it.

And if you can fix one cell, you can fix them all.

Energy Is The Currency of Life
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